The Purpose of My Work…..

My journey to where I am today……

My journey to where I am today started at York University. Here I had a part-time job helping students with disabilities with their assignments.

I really enjoyed this job because I helped these students become more confident and independent.

From there, I decided to get a Master degree from the University of Toronto. At U of T, I learned a lot! The jobs I had and the courses I took really opened my eyes.

Working in a university was enjoyable, but I wanted to do something more meaningful.

My experience in university told me that I needed to change careers, and start working with children online! After teaching online for other companies, I finally decided to start my own business.

I choose to help kids learn to read and write well online because I have anxiety about writing too. I understand how your child feels because I’ve been there.

Tutoring online is my calling, and I’m happy to have you join me……

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